When I’m not plotting my next craft supply acquisition, I love to: bake, craft, tinker, explore, take photos I’ll probably never look at again, decorate, re-decorate, paint + laugh (hysterically).

I am a jack-of-all-trades + master of some.

I am a people person, entrepreneur, photographer, avid “I-can-make-that-for-less”-er +  cupcake baker, most days.

I’m also a professional in a male dominated tech field trying to maintain my individual, creative energy that I work twice as hard to suppress between the hours of 9 & 5PM PST. I write here to figure out all of that + prove to myself, “Yup! I can make that , too!”

I’m trying to be the best at everything but mostly, cultivator of dreams, big sister, friend, daughter + grass-roots business supporter.

I am a fan of all things hand crafted, even those chopped then screwed, dismissed + rediscovered, over-rendered mistakes gone bad. Because welp? Practice makes perfect.

I am a weekend warrior, handy woman, travel enthusiast + up-cycler with an eye for creativity, obsession for all things gold + relentless itch to make a difference.


Creativity is contagious + I’d love to hear from you! Unless of course you’re a serial stalker or want to complain about my obsession with mixed metallics. Either way, feel free to email me: dartistacreative@gmail.com

Stay golden, friends!