Ditch The Mall, Shop Small

Let’s face it, there’s been an obvious push for social transparency with the crap load of social media apps available. And we the people eat them up like the last bowl of cereal on an easy Sunday morning. Just a short time ago, no one even knew what a hashtag was nor did anyone care if you checked-in at your local gym. Well, no one really cares now either except for maybe the handful of desperate “likers” on those ridiculous cries for attention, I mean posts. Anywho.

From the beloved trilogy: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, to other idea forums like Pinterest, Tumblr or even here on WordPress, we are in a world of constant idea sharing (#obvi). With this push for social transparency, there is a plethora of artists, DIYers, make-shifters & “I-can-do-that-ers” that have all crept out from under the rock of mass-production, frolicking together in the name of handmade treasures! What’s my point you ask? Welp, especially in the thick of the Holiday season, instead of buying disposable gifts or the umpteenth gift card that will eventually find its way to the bottom of the recipients’ desk drawer to depreciate in value by the millisecond; or wasting your days standing in Holiday lines longer than the ocean is deep for a “sale item” that was marked up last week to absorb the mark down this week, take a deep breath! Feel the frigid Winter air in your nose. Kick up your feet. Look around you and be thankful. Remind yourself about the thought behind each gift and what it’s like to receive a truly thoughtful, hand crafted or handpicked present. Sure, we live in a “quantity” world. BUT every responsible adult knows, it is quality that stands the test of time. Now, head over to your nearest DIY idea board and finally, put those bad boys to use!

Don’t have a knack for hand crafts? Worry not. Enter stage left, the gem of the online shopping world: the handmade marketplace – #boom. Please, hold your applause and thank me later. From hand crafted accessories to custom wall art, apparel, paper products and seriously everything in between, these online markets are a complete, one stop shop for all things thoughtfully designed, right at your fingertips.

Here’s a handful of my favs, in no particular order of course:

Etsy.com: The handmade and vintage marketplace that we all know and love!

PoppyTalk: Close your eyes & imagine if your favorite DIY blogger opened an online platform for like artists to sell their goodies. Now open your eyes & click the hyperlink – voila!

MarketplaceHQ.com: SuperMarket said it all in their tag line: “Great design. Straight from designers.” The end.

Minted.com : A global marketplace, where the best of the best paper products are hand picked and commissioned, literally. At Minted, “…consumers and designers curate Minted’s product assortment by voting on the entries to each challenge, ensuring that the best designers and designs are surfaced and represented on Minted. Minted produces and sells the winning designs, paying the designer a commission on every sale.” -minted.com/about-us

Now say it with me folks, “Ditch the mall and shop small!”

Happy treasure hunting!!


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